At the end of February 2022, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated. Military maneuvers aimed at wiping out the sovereign state of Ukraine endanger the lives of countless civilians. More than a million are fleeing to Europe.

Artists mostly rooted in the grindcore and extreme metal scene will release one of their songs together on a huge compilation, which will be named Grind4Ukraine . We want to take a stand against the criminal invasion by president of the Russian Federation dictator Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin and his henchmen as well as the fascist state they are currently establishing. All proceeds will go to organizations that are commited to helping victims of the war in need. What matters now is international solidarity.

The submissions are currently being collected and the participating bands will be presented on Instagram. In April the sampler will be mastered and released on bandcamp. There you can already buy our solidarity shirts!

Please note: This project is non-profit, and it is not about promoting bands, let alone capitalizing on the plight of others. We want to help, that’s all. And we want to remind those who squander our free lives and those of our sisters and brothers on their insane power games who will ultimately prevail: we the people!

The participating bands have no business relationship with Grind4Ukraine and the project is not a brand, corporation or association, but a private project of an individual. All political statements made on behalf of Grind4Ukraine reflect the opinion of the organizer alone.